Durling Cleaning Now Offers Oven Cleaning Services

By Lori Catozzi Cook

Cleaning an oven takes a lot of time and energy, and no one likes to tackle a dirty oven that is full of grease, residue, and burnt carbon. And self-cleaning settings on ovens won’t remove baked on carbon and hidden grime in the corners and crevices.

So customers are in good hands with the professional oven cleaning services like those that Durling Cleaning offers.

“Oven cleaning is a popular business in the UK, and we seek to bring attention to this service in Cheshire County,” says owner Matt Durling. “We’ve made some connections with some successful oven cleaning companies and our staff have utilized an online oven cleaning training course.”

This multi-service cleaning business has received a reputation for their window cleaning – a successful 18-year track record. Durling then added dryer vent cleaning, and now has carved out a niche in the oven cleaning area. “We will also clean other appliances,” he continues. “Refrigerators, microwaves, and even residential extractors above stoves.”

If your extractor hood is blocked up with dirt and grease, it is not going to be able to remove cooking odors and, more importantly, the air that is filtered back into the kitchen will not be clean.

Durling goes on to say that these kitchen appliance cleaning services will be extremely helpful to landlords who need to rent a vacant apartment, those selling or buying a new home, realtors who want to show a home, senior citizens, and any homeowner that wants a thoroughly clean appliance.

“We were thrilled to learn of the extension service Matt is offering,” says customer Jason Walsh. “Matt and Derek came in and were extremely professional and safe the entire visit. Once they got to work, I was really blown away by how much an oven can actually be broken down. They took the door completely off, and deep cleaned each layer of glass. The end result was amazing the stove (both inside and out) looked exactly as it did the day we bought it! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Matt and his team to all our friends. They kept a very tidy work space, and did an impeccable job on bringing our aging oven back to life.”

The oven cleaning team at Durling Cleaning will inspect the oven, cover the floor and prep the workspace, remove all parts, disassemble the oven door and each glass panel in the door which holds a lot of carbon and grease, and place all necessary parts – racks, trays, and panels – in a heated dip tank that is set up in the Durling Cleaning vehicle.

The benefits of professional oven cleaning means an elimination of grease flare-ups and smoke; charred crumbs, spills, and carbon which can actually effect the flavor of food; and a fresh, sparkling-clean oven.

“If your oven is in need of cleaning, let Durling Cleaning do the hard work for you, and restore your oven to showroom condition,” Durling says.

For more details or to set up an appointment with Durling Cleaning, call 603-762-3433 or visit www.durlingcleaning.com.