Oven Cleaning

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Cleaning an Oven is a Daunting Chore!

The self cleaning setting won’t remove baked on carbon or eliminate the waste, not to mention they wont sparkle the way a professionally cleaned oven will. If your oven is in need of cleaning, let Durling Cleaning do the hard work for you, and restore your oven to show room condition!

Benefits of Professional Oven Cleaning

  • Eliminates grease flare ups and smoke
  • Eliminates charred crumbs, spills and carbon that could effect the flavor of your food
  • No more opening doors and windows to clear out smoke
  • Enjoy the freshness and look of a sparkling clean oven!

Our Process

  1. First we inspect the oven
  2. Cover the floors and prep the workspace
  3. We remove all parts
  4. Warm the oven for maximum cleaning potential
  5. Place all necessary parts in the heated dip tank in the rear of our vehicle
  6. Remove the carbon and grease from the door
  7. Remove the door
  8. If necessary, disassemble the door and clean all surfaces of glass and in between the panels
  9. Replace the door
  10. Clean the racks, trays and panels in the dip tank
  11. Polish the interior and exterior of the oven
  12. Clean up the work space

Never hired a professional cleaning service before?

Hear what our clients have to say!


"Christian came to clean our Windows today. He worked non-stop it seemed. I don't know how he did it. 31 windows, 4 doors and a slider. He was very thorough and did a great job and did not leave a mess behind. Even the tracks and the bottom part of where the window goes were cleaned. I am picky and even I couldn't have done such a good job. Besides it would have taken me 10 times as long! I highly recommend Durling window cleaning."

Sally W.
Keene, NH